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Scents are :
The Reaper:
Smoke and Mirrors-mix of wood and smoke with the feeling of being in an old barn or cabin filled with antique mirrors, rugs, china and framed pictures of family members you've never met.
Creepy Doll:
Haunted Library - Earthy, dark patchouli, abandoned old books in a cluttered old library that no longer sees the light of day or vistors (alive ones anyway)
Veiled Lady:
Tell Me You See Her- A beautiful mysterious lady hidden behind a veil.   Is she there or are you just seeing things?  Black Lace, Vanilla Lace and Silken Oud
Book shape:
Spell Book- smoky and creamy vanilla blended with the scent of parchment paper and ink with a touch of worn leather

Spooky Fall Shapes Collection

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