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Custom Blended Wax

You can create your very own Custom Blend of wax! Just let us know which scents you would like to use from our scent list and the ratio, then we will create your very own blended wax. Choose from Dazzler Hearts, Dazzler Bars, 6 packs, 8 oz. Tubs, 8 oz. or 16 oz. Bakery Bags, and Loaves.

  • Dazzler heart - Minimum order of three of the same blend. = 4.5 oz. wax +/-

  • Dazzler Bars - Minimum order of one. = 3.5 oz.wax +/-

  • 6 Packs - Minimum order of one. = 4 oz. wax +/-

Example Blends

  • Snow Fairy,Fizzy Pops

  • Strawberry,Rhubarb

  • Orange Sherbet,Lollipops

  • Rainbow Sherbet,Lemonade

  • Pink Sugar, Velvet Sugar, Lavender and Marshmallow


  Feel free to use your             imagination and have fun!

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